Freestyle dressage music, music for freestyle for horses
Kürmuziek of kür op muziek? kürmuziek (kür op muziek of dressuurmuziek) op ieder dressuurniveauKürmusik, Dressur Kür auf MusikReprise Libre en Musique professionnelle pour dressage, avec choregraphie. musique pour kür
professional dressage music
Our dressage music Example video freestyle dressage
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Combine our freestyle dressage music
I really liked the walk-part of the irish music but wanted to combine it with parts from other freestyles. Using choose your order and length really gave me a feeling of creating my own freestyle. RENEWED: tailor made music
Special wishes
Like tailor made music, other lengths, or even a test at another level are also possible. Just send your wishes by e-mail.
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Check out the tabs above for our range of freestyles available.

Christmas dressage music
Themish music for the holidays.
€ 19,95
Feel good dressage music NEW!
Dressage to music of which the positivity splatters!
€ 49,95
Avicii dressage music NEW!
Modern dance dressage music!
€ 49,95
Tailor made
There are various possibilities, so always an option that suits you!
From € 69,95
Ride your freestyle at another level? Of course that's possible!
€ 10,-

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